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Terms and Conditions


1.1 The Designer will provide the details of the fabric in quotation before the order gets placed. Once order is placed, the designer shows the fabric to the customer for customer’s satisfaction and to avoid any mistake in the process.

1.2 The customer can ask to change the fabric if he/she feels that the fabric is different from what was described in the quotation.

1.3 Customer cannot ask to change the fabric based on its quality. For example, if the fabric mentioned in quotation is Taffeta Silk, we will be providing one of the finest qualities of taffeta silk, customer cannot ask to change or ask for refund based on the quality of that fabric. The quality is a never-ending debate. Vogum has been using some standard quality of fabrics since beginning and never got complaints about the base fabric quality.

1.4 In case of work fabrics or printed fabrics, the designer will share the similar fabrics with the customer. We never claim to provide same print or work as shown in customer’s reference. This is what customization means. The base fabric, colour combinations should be same as reference image and this will be ensured by Vogum.

1.5 Vogum suggests the customer to ask the designer to show her the fabrics (in case of work fabric and printed fabrics) before placing the order.

1.6 In case customer has availed the sample service, the fabric patch will be couriered to the customer so that customer’s doubts and confusions gets cleared. In case, customer is confused with two or three fabrics, Vogum will courier the sample patches of those fabrics for analysing physically.  



2.1 Vogum has its inhouse colour dying facility. Vogum uses dyable fabrics mostly in order to facilitate a wide range of colour options to our customer without any hassle. The designer shares the coloured fabric with the customer based on the inputs by the customer.

2.2 Considering the fact that colour shade changes in normal camera from mobile to mobile and also in different lights, there is always a chance that shade differ from what customer imagined. Vogum will not entertain any refund or return based on these colour shade differences. In case if customer is very specific about colour shade, we can courier a colour shade samples to customer’s address, these shades will have a unique number and the fabric will be dyed exactly as selected by the customer.

2.3 But in this case of colour shade sample, the estimated delivery days will be increased by some days depending upon the time taken for the sample to be delivered.


Order placement

3.1 After discussion with the concerned designer, if the customer is satisfied with the quotation, she/he can place the order by paying at least 30% of the total order amount as the advance/security amount. This amount can be paid by various modes depending upon customer’s convenience. The payment links/QR codes/Bank Account details etc will be shared with the customer by the designer via their WhatsApp business account.

3.2 The Remaining amount is needed to be paid by the customer after the order completion. There are two ways of making the remaining payment:

      1. Customer can make the remaining payment by any above online payment mode before the dispatch of the outfit, or
      2. Customer can use Cash on delivery facility and pay at the time of delivery. This will involve additional COD charges of at least INR 150 depending upon the amount.

3.3 In Case of international Delivery, COD facility is not available. The international delivery charges are needed to be paid by the customer before the final dispatch of the outfit. These courier changes depend on the Actual weight or the volumetric weight of the final package whichever is higher.


Embroidery Sketch

4.1 As soon as the fabric and colour are finalized during the first phase, the designer will get the embroidery sketches prepared by the embroidery manager within the scheduled time. These sketches are prepared by skilled and highly experienced artists. The sketch patterns and designs will be kept similar to the references provided by the customer.

4.2 As per the Copyright act, 1957 and Design Act, 2000, we cannot provide the exact same pattern or design in every case. We claim to provide similar sketches without changing the overall look of the embroidery. For example, if the reference pattern is of flowers, leaves and stems, then we will also provide the sketch of flowers, leaves and stems in similar pattern but we cannot guarantee the exact same pattern.

4.3 If customer asks for making changes in sketch patterns or designs more than once, then the delay in process due to this, will be added in the scheduled dispatch time of the outfit. Company will not be responsible for the change in scheduled dispatch date of that outfit.


Embroidery Colour/threads

5.1 As soon as the sketch is finalized, embroidery will be done on a small patch according the colours in the reference or what was already discussed with customer. This patch will be shown to you using clear images and also videos if required. In case, the positioning of colours is not liked by you or in case you still want to make minor changes regarding colours, we can make small changes but again the scheduled time for dispatch can be altered by a day or two.

5.2 In case when sample is not couriered to the customer and colours are tricky, the resham thread reels (in case of machine embroidery) is shown to the customer to verify the colour. Minor shade change is possible depending upon different lights, different mobile displays etc.

5.3 In case of standard colours, showing colours to the customer is not necessary.

5.4 Similarly, in case of hand embroidery, the embroidery material (ex. Cutdana, sequene, moti etc) will be shown via images or videos on WhatsApp for approval of colour.

5.5 Customer needs to ask for change in colour when he/she is shown the colours for approval. The request to change the colour will not be entertained later.

5.6 Refund or return will not be entertained in case of slight shade difference assuming that sample service is not provided.

Final Embroidery

6.1 We claim to provide similar embroidery as required by the customer. Our embroidery experts try their best to match the colour, look and pattern of the embroidery by using appropriate embroidery materials (ex. Cutdana, sequene, moti, Dapka etc.) and most of these details are even given to the customer before placing the order.

6.2 During the early embroidery updates, If customer feels that the look is not what she/he wanted, she/he can let us know what embroidery material she/he wants in that. But in case, customer herself/himself doesn’t know what material she exactly wants and still refusing/rejecting the embroidery by the experts, then company has to cancel the order with applicable cancellation charges to be paid by the customer.

6.3 After approving the embroidery sketch, the embroidery colours and the embroidery materials, if customer asks to change the embroidery or rejects the embroidery, then additional charges will be applied to restart the embroidery work again and the scheduled dispatch date will also be changed depending upon the new work. In case, customer is not willing to pay additional charges to restart the new embroidery work as asked by her, then customer can cancel the order by the paying the applicable cancellation charges.



7.1 There are two types of measurements: exact measurements and body measurements. Exact measurements are the final measurement which the outfit will be made. Body measurement is the exact body measurement of the customer.

Body measurement + ease margins = Exact measurements.

7.2 The designer will guide the customer on how to provide measurements with the help of photo and video instructions. Customer has to specify which type of measurement she is providing. In case customer provides the body measurements, the ease margin length will be informed to the customer. For example, if body measurement provided by customer is 30 inches and ease margin is 1.5 inch, then the final outfit will measure 31.5 inches.

7.3 The final outfit will be measured and the live measurement photos will be sent as proof. Refund and return will not be entertained in case the measurements provided to us are wrong.



8.1 The Delivery is free all over India. In case of international delivery (refer section 3.3).

8.2 The tentative scheduled dispatch date is provided to the customer via app and email. The delivery date depends on the time taken by the courier partners. The transit time taken by the courier partners depends on various factors like weather conditions, staff unavailability, lockdown restrictions, internal delays etc. These are some unavoidable delays and Vogum is not responsible for delay due to delivery partners. Hence, Refund and return will not be entertained in case of delay due to courier partners.


Mobile Application

9.1 As soon as the order is placed, customer can view and track the order details and status of the order in “Order Status” section in Vogum App.

9.2 The Status of the order will be completed in 5 phases namely phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 and Dispatch.

9.3 As soon as the designer has completed the phase 1 and got the approval of the customer, designer changes the phase 1 status to completed and that customer can view the status update on the Vogum app in the real time. Similarly, it goes with other phases as well.

9.4 In case if customer has not seen and approved the phase 1 but the status on the Vogum App is changed to completed, then customer can raise a complain by clicking on “Raise a Query” button provided next to every phase. Similarly, it goes for other phases as well.

9.5 The Scheduled dates for different phases can be seen and tracked by the customer on Vogum App as soon as order is placed. In case, if there is a delay in any of the phase due to customer’s fault or any mutually discussed reason, the scheduled dates can be changed accordingly. Designers don’t have the authority to changes these scheduled dates. These dates are only changed when a designer requests the concerned manager for the same. Only manager has the authority to change the scheduled dates that too after getting customer’s consent for the same.

9.6 If process has been delayed due to the changes made by the customer in between the process, then manager has the right to update the scheduled dates accordingly. Customer’s consent is not mandatory in this case.

9.7 If process is delayed due to unresponsiveness or response/approval of the customer, then manager has the right to update the scheduled dates accordingly. Customer’s consent is not mandatory in this case.


Sample Service

10.1 When order is successfully placed, a small parcel including the fabric samples, colour shades and embroidery samples is couriered to customer’s address (in case the order is eligible for sample service).

10.2 This sample parcel will be prepared after discussion with the customer. In case customer has any doubt or confusion about the Fabric type/quality or Colour shade or embroidery type/quality, then customer can specially ask the designer to provide the sample for the same.

10.3 Sample service is provided to customer to make them experience the fabric, colour and embroidery physically. For E.g., If customer is not able to imagine the feel and physical look of organza fabric or if customer is confused between the Zari and resham work (embroidery types), then all these problems and doubts can be resolved by the sample service.

10.4 The final pricing and quotation depends on the various factors including fabric and the type of embroidery. For example, Hand embroidery is expensive as compared to machine embroidery. In case, if the quotation is approved for machine embroidery and customer is not satisfied with the sample of that embroidery, then designer can revise the quotation and provide the sample for different type of embroidery. In case, customer is not satisfied by the embroidery sample and do not prefer to make amends in type of embroidery or pricing, then customer can cancel the order by paying the cancellation charges as applicable.


Order Cancellation

11.1 Vogum is a customization platform which invests its time and money from the very first day of order placement. Vogum’s production department constantly works according to the scheduled flow of order based on first come first serve basis. Every wrong information or mistake by a customer may lead to losses. In case, customer requests to cancel the order within 24 hours of order placement, then order will be cancelled with 100% refund. This refund will be processed within 7 working days.

11.2 In case, customer wants to cancel the order after 24 hours of order placement, cancellation charges will be applicable depending upon the time and money wasted in the process. These charges can be the total advance amount paid by the customer as security.

11.3 Customer will verify the material, colour, pattern, design and final look of the dress on WhatsApp via real time tracking facility. Return/refund will not be entertained on the basis of the above-mentioned attributes approved during real time tracking.