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Why Vogum?

What is Vogum?

You and Your innovative fashion needs are the inspiration of our unique business model, which includes designing, customising, real time updation, complete production & door step delivery managed by our tech enabled CRM and IWRF (Inhouse work flow regulator)

We are a group of certain people including savvy designers and equally experienced tailors and embroidery artists to introduce a new saga of fashion industry.

We are reinventing/refabricating a wholly new click-away approach to fashion. Our designers and craftsman are unsurpassed for their fine eye and adaptable (versatile/flexible) hand work

We have a dynamic spirit and extraordinary potential to make your selective fashion choices come real. Our motive is to provide you that every dress which has ever ringed the bell in your heart. Be it any design or imagination in your mind, simply communicate your requirements with our designer with the help of references or sketches and see the magic. You can now track the status of your order on Vogum App in four phases. 

Our quality team has been trained in a way to facilitate you instant support and escalate your concerns with immediate effect.


  • Our tech based in-house work flow regulator and customer management system is designed in a way which unleashes the maximum potential of productivity, time management, quality management and customer interaction. Results in lowering the average expense per outfit.
  • We don't have any showrooms or outlets, this reduces the overall average cost of outfit by 20%.
  • The quality fabrics and raw materials utilized by Vogum are directly procured from manufacturer. This cuts the chain of commissions and saves procurement costs.
  • We have in-house cloth dying facility, machine embroidery department, hand embroidery department and stiching department. All under one roof and administration.
  • We have established our workspace in a non-metro and resourceful region which is one of the major reasons for lowering the average cost of production.
  • We have enabled quality checks during every activity along with customer's involvement in that activity which has reduced the chances of alterations and errors