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How Vogum Work?

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How Vogum Works?


Download Vogum App 

Get a Personal Designer Assigned as soon as you signup.


Explain your requirements to our designer by explaining or providing reference images for better understanding. Discussion is done via click away official WhatsApp business messenger.


Designer provides you final design sketches based on your requirements and budget before placing the order. Improvise if required. Pay the advance amount and place the order.

Sample Service

Get a sample of fabrics, color and embroidery is couriered to your address.

This enables you to:

  • Clear all doubts regarding the fabric texture and quality.
  • Enables you to select the perfect fabric by comparing them physically.
  • Allows you to select the exact color shade.
  • Analyze the embroidery types physically before finalizing them for your outfit.


Real Time Order status

Designer will share you the status of your order in 4 phases. We will proceed from one phase to another once you approve the previous phase. You can check the schedule and Status of every phase on the “Order Status” section on Vogum App.

Phase 1: Fabric and Color

In case if you are not availing sample service, then designer will show you the material and color shades with the help of clear images or videos via WhatsApp. Approve it and let’s move to phase 2.

Phase 2: Embroidery Sketch and Final Embroidery

Your designer shows you the embroidery sketch, you can make changes in the sketch if required. Designer shows you the live embroidery updates also. Let’s move to phase 3.

Phase 3: Pattern and Final Stitching

Your designer guides you on how to take perfect measurements. Also, shares you the patterns updates if required. Every other stitching update is shared and taken care of. Let’s move to phase 4.

Phase 4: Quality check and Final Outfit

Your designer shares you the final outfit images. The final look is shared. All the measurements are checked again and those measuring images are shared with you.

Outfit Dispatched

Make the final payment, provide the final delivery address. Outfit is dispatched and the Tracking Id is shared via email as soon as the package is dispatched.