Welcome to Vogum

Privacy Policy

A. The privacy of its customers is the top most priority of Vogum. No information will be shared with any third party without the prior consent of the customer. Privacy is the right of the customer.

B. Every Designer in Vogum is provided with a cell phone enabled by a WhatsApp Business account with a unique company’s official number. A designer is assigned to every user as soon as they signup. These cell phones and these accounts are always under Vogum’s surveillance.

C. Every Information, detail and knowledge is strictly used for office purpose. All the data is saved in the customer database of Vogum. This can only be accessed by the authorised employees.

D. Vogum may use customer’s photo wearing the outfit only after customer’s consent.

E. The Contact/WhatsApp number of every designer will always be with Vogum. The Designer may change with time but the contact number will always be under Vogum’s check.

F. Vogum warns its customers not to trust any random number claiming to be Vogum. Customer will be informed about the concerned designer’s WhatsApp number via Vogum’s Official email ids, Instagram Account, other official social media accounts or via Vogum app or website.